SANGO Diaries Ch 18. Honoring the Mothers of SANGO-Kenya

One Hundred and Thirty Women

That’s how many mothers have chosen to add training in sustainable agriculture and improved nutrition, along with new agriculture and nutrition practices, to their already incredibly busy days taking care of their children, preparing and feeding the household, going to market for food and other supplies, housekeeping, sometimes working, and more.
They are giving their time and energy because they are mothers. Because they want to improve the lives of their children by improving their nutrition and food security.

And they do it despite — or maybe because of — the increasing challenges that climate change and the erratic rains, COVID, and now increased fuel and wheat prices are presenting.

The SANGO-Kenya mothers are learning how to compost, using the materials freely available to them, such as ash (above), so they can improve the soil health and have increased crop yields without buying expensive chemical fertilizers which also damage the land. That means they spend less, have more food for their families — and perhaps to sell at market —all while preserving the land.

We are training all of the mothers to be better farmers and also to be leaders. All participants have become examples in their villages through their work with SANGO-Kenya and the visibly improved farms and harvests. In addition, some of the mothers have become Lead Farmers, receiving additional leadership and agriculture training so they can help support the other farmers in SANGO-Kenya, as above, and their communities

For example, we have taught the Lead Farmers to make rain gauges, so we — and they — can better understand the impact of climate change on rainfall throughout the areas where we work.

And due to their hard work, these mothers are succeeding — despite all the challenges.

Please join us as we pay tribute to the mothers in our own families and honor the mothers — and grandmothers — of SANGO-Kenya who give tirelessly of themselves for their children, their families, and their communities.



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