SANGO Diaries, Ch. 43. SANGO-Kenya Farmers Demonstrate Strength, Determination, and Leadership

I want to begin with a huge thank you to all of you who have written to ask me how the farmers are faring after the floods. Your concern is so heartwarming — and when I share it with the farmers, they are so appreciative.
I am happy to tell you that the hard rains have stopped, flooding has subsided, and all the farmers are able to return to their fields.

Despite the floods, the farmers were still able to harvest vegetables, and the sorghum and cassava are doing well and are expected to provide good yields later in the season.

Using Flood-Resistant Techniques

“Part of SANGO-Kenya’s training and field support includes selecting a good site for nurseries. We encourage farmers to sow the seedlings away from flood areas whenever possible, to make raised beds, and build terraces. These techniques help lessen the effects of floods,” explained Evance, SANGO-Kenya’s head of agriculture. He added that “multi-story gardens generally sustained little or no damage, so the farmers have been able to harvest vegetables from them all along.”

Preparing for the next season

Though they are still harvesting, as farmers, they can never take a rest and all know they have to begin looking ahead.

“Planning is an important part of the SANGO-Kenya training program,” said Winnie, SANGO-Kenya’s Program Officer. “This year all the farmers really appreciated the planning, as it helped them continue to feed their families despite drought and flooding.”

SANGO-Kenya Farmers are Strong Leaders

Last week I attended a very interesting training on planning. The training was entirely presented by Lead Farmers! It included household financial management and preparing for shocks such as drought, floods and illness (which prevents the farmers from taking care of their farms and all the myriad of other responsibilities they have).

It was so exciting seeing this training. From the beginning, SANGO-Kenya has incorporated the Trainer of Trainers approach. And in this training, I saw how well it works. The Lead Farmers provided so much information in a very interactive way.

At the end, I was really moved as all the farmers clapped and thanked the Lead Farmers. It was clear how much they have learned, and it is further validation that they truly recognize the power of knowledge.

Erokamano! Thank you! With much gratitude,

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Photos: Etan Rozin

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