SANGO Diaries chapter 13. Celebrating Mothers

SANGO-Kenya is all about improving how well women — mothers! — can feed themselves, their children, and other members of their households. So it was only fitting that this week – the week following Mother’s Day — Winnie, our Project Officer and nutritionist, held cooking demonstrations for all of the farmers — all women, all mothers. And, as every reality cooking show proves, everyone loves cooking demonstrations. And SANGO-Kenya’s have the added benefit of everyone getting samples!

She focused on training the participants how to prepare the foods so they maintain the maximum nutrition. For example, instead of just maize flour (corn flour) the porridge above also includes sorghum flour, which adds important vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein.

The women prepared some of the vegetables they had grown — crotolaria and spider leaves — making sure not to boil them too much in order to preserve the nutrients.

And of course, ugali, which is eaten with almost every meal. But this ugali, like the porridge, included sorghum instead of just the traditional maize flour.

The reward after — getting to sample everything!



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