Sango Diaries Chapter 22. SANGO-Kenya Husband and Father Speaks from the Heart

“It will save us”

SANGO-Kenya is changing lives — the lives of our farmers, their children, their families and communities. Our farmers frequently express their appreciation. However, the husband of one of our farmers expresses his gratitude in an exceptionally moving way.
Following are his Facebook comments when he saw the photo (above) of his mother.

“I am happy for what SANGO is doing here in Seme. My wife is a member in this group and this [the woman in the photo] is my mum. We have not been buying vegetables. This group provides us with seeds. And I am also happy that by next year our cassava will be ready. 

“We were being forced by life to use little money we have to buy for our kids some mandazis [fried dough] or chapatis [a type of bread] for tea. This may not sustain them well through the day. Thank you for coming up with cassava. It will save us.”

SANGO-Kenya and our life-altering programs would not be possible without you and your generosity. Because of your continued support, we were able to add cassava (above) to our program this year. Though not commonly eaten in the U.S., the roots, which will be harvested in January, are widely consumed in Kenya because of their nutrients and versatility. They are eaten in stews, porridge, and other Kenyan dishes. The leaves can also consumed, though the farmers are careful not to consume too many in order to allow maximum growth for the roots.
Some farmers stopped growing cassava over the years; however, now, the farmers in SANGO-Kenya are not only growing it again, they are using more sustainable methods, such as compost and natural pesticides. Further, cassava grows well in Seme’s challenging agricultural environment.
Which means children will be eating more nutritious foods and parents can save money for other necessities.
Something every parent can appreciate.


SANGO-Kenya farmers, Winnie, Peter, Maurice, Constance, and Kit

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