SANGO Diaries, Chapter 24. 250 Farmers for 2023 — More than 1,200 People Will Benefit!

2023 is flying by. Only six weeks into the year and already so much has happened!

While I was in Kenya last fall, we started preparing for our 2023 program. We recruited 150 new farmers, so we now have nearly 250 participants! That means SANGO-Kenya has a direct impact on more than 1,200 women, children, and other household members, all eating more and healthier food – at less cost to the household!

Farmers need to prepare their land well in advance of planting, so, as soon as we finished recruitment, we began training. By the end of the year, we had already trained the farmers in the proper methods for making compost and cultivating their farms.
We also added a new crop — sorghum, which is known for its nutritional benefits, ability to grow in arid conditions, and versatility. It can be added to porridge or ugali, as in the top photo (the cake-looking dish in the upper part of the photo), making such popular dishes more nutritious.

Battling Drought

And now the farmers must wait for rain. As many of you have probably read, Kenya is experiencing drought. Because of the lack of rainfall, the water table is low and some of the boreholes (a type of well often found in the developing world) are drying up — making it more difficult for the farmers to even buy water and transport it to their farms, as above.
SANGO-Kenya’s programs address the challenges of drought head-on: — training in drought-resistant crops such as sorghum and cassava, using multi-story gardens that require less land and water, and drying vegetables so the farmers can preserve their crops to feed their families after the harvests.
In only a few years, SANGO-Kenya has created lasting partnerships with the farmers. They know we are committed to working with them and their communities to continue to find more ways to strengthen their food and nutrition security — even in the most challenging of times.


SANGO-Kenya farmers, Winnie, Evance, Peter, Constance, and Kit

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On a personal note, I was very honored to receive the Peace Ambassador award from the Scrabble School Preservation Foundation, a Rappahannock County non-profit that helps ensure we never forget the history of segregation and the role the Rosenwald Schools played in giving African American students an education during the Jim Crow Era. The award was presented as part of the annual Martin Luther King Day celebration in recognition of SANGO-Kenya’s work in strengthening communities.

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