SANGO Diaries, Chapter 26. Earth Day

SANGO-Kenya farmers learning to make organic compost

“…SANGO came and we got trained on compost making and its benefits. Bit by bit our soil has started to regain its capability on moisture retention and our vegetable harvest has increased, even with the little rains.”
SANGO-Kenya Farmer from Kit-Mikayi

Around the globe, people celebrated Earth Day last week. The theme for 2023 is “Invest in Our Planet”.

SANGO-Kenya farmers invest in our planet all the time, not just on Earth Day.

They constantly feel the effects of climate change. Our farmers reported that “In the last three years we have experienced prolonged drought beginning late December to early March.”

Farmer pushing bicycle carrying two jerry cans of water she has purchased.

Where we work in Kisumu County, the farmers mostly rely on rainfall for water. Some are fortunate enough to have water sources close enough to walk to, even though most of the sources require payment. However, the drought was so great this year, many of the bore holes (wells where they buy water) were beginning to dry up.

Farmer’s husband harvesting first crops, cowpeas

Fortunately, the rains finally came; and, when they did, the farmers were ready! We began our classes at the end of 2022, so when the rains came, the land had already been prepared, the compost had been made, and the seeds had been distributed. The farmers began planting as soon as the rains began and they have already begun to harvest cowpeas, the first crops of the season!

Farmer watering one of her multi-story gardens

But we know the rains are unpredictable, and the farmers must use other technologies. “SANGO-Kenya has taught us how to produce food even when rains are scarce by use of multi-storey gardens,” reported our farmers. The multi-storey gardens also allow the farmers to rotate crops, so they can help ensure healthier soil.

“When we protect the planet, clean, safe and adequate food and water will be available. This will save situations where people die because of hunger,” one farmer stated.

Thanks to our farmers for investing in our planet.

And thank you, all of our supporters, for investing in SANGO-Kenya.


SANGO-Kenya farmers, Winnie, Evance, Peter, Constance, and Kit

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