SANGO Diaries, Chapter 30. World Food Day: Water is Life, Water is Food

Farmers watch demonstration of how new gutters work

Today is World Food Day, a day established to bring worldwide attention to the issues surrounding sustainable agriculture and food security.

The theme this year is “Water is Life; Water is Food.” There is no issue more critical to the SANGO-Kenya farmers than water.

Farmers with pipes before they are cut into gutters. We cut them into 3-meter sections (approximately 10 feet) for each farmer.

As you know, SANGO-Kenya does not give participants things; we provide knowledge and support. However, at the end of the year, we give the farmers something honoring their completing the program, something that will help them be better farmers. Recognizing the great need for capturing rainwater, and the fact that few could afford them now, we decided to give every one of our 240 farmers a 3-meter plastic gutter like the one our Board Member Owen taught them about a few weeks ago.

Some of the farmers previously purchased 1.5 meter gutters

A few of the farmers had already purchased smaller, 1.5 meter gutters on their own and have already seen the benefits. One of the farmers told our Program Officer Winnie “I’m so grateful for the wonderful idea that came from SANI-Kenya [the name SANGO-Kenya operates under in Kenya]. I purchased a 1.5 metre plastic gutter and I’ve seen a big improvement in the amount of water I’m getting now. Before I used to collect 40 litres with moderate rainfall but with this I can get even 80 litres with the same rain.”

She added that the farmer said she is able to use the money she would save from buying water to pay for other necessities such as food, books for their children, and even more jerry cans so they can save more water.

Farmer installing larger 3-meter gutter

Now they will all get even more, as we gave them 3-meter gutters. “The farmers are so happy. They feel we are really listening to them, understanding their needs,” Winnie reported. “Some of them even put the gutters up right after they received them.”
Today, on World Food Day, we celebrate the SANGO-Kenya farmers and team, sustainable agriculture, food security, and you. Without your support we would not be able to listen to our farmers in quite the same way.

I’m heading back to Kenya tomorrow. Can’t wait to report back to you on the progress the farmers are making.
Stay tuned…


SANI KENYA farmers, Winnie, Evance, Peter, Constance, and Kit

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