SANGO Diaries, Chapter 33. On World Children’s Day, Honoring Children and the Mothers and Grandmothers Who Care for Them

Today is World Children’s Day, a day meant to recognize children and their needs. But for the mothers and grandmothers of SANGO-Kenya, every day is Children’s Day.

The members of SANGO-Kenya, mostly women farmers, work tirelessly. When we talk to them about how the program helps, why they work so hard, they often talk about their children and grandchildren.

The mothers are always taking care of their children, often bringing them with them to training, to work on their farms, and to take care of their other responsibilities.

Because of SANGO-Kenya, their children have more nutritious food. Many of them never grew vegetables before they joined the program. They had to buy them at market. They didn’t prepare them properly, cooking them so long they lost many of the vital nutrients.

Now, they say they see the improvement in their children’s health: they can see it in their skin, they make fewer trips to the doctor, and with the money they save because they don’t have to buy vegetables, they can pay for their children’s school uniforms, fees, and other children’s needs.
Just this week more than 200 new farmers — mostly women — joined SANGO-Kenya. We now have more than 450 participants! With the addition of the new farmers, our training in sustainable agriculture, nutrition and livelihoods is having a direct impact on more than 2000 people — more than half of whom are children.
Please consider on this World Children’s Day giving support to SANGO-Kenya. Because of a matching grant, your gift today will be matched dollar for dollar.

It is really all about the children.

Erokamano! Asante! Thank you!

With much gratitude from Kenya:
The SANGO-Kenya farmers, their families — and Winnie, Evance, Peter, Constance, and Kit

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