SANGO Diaries, Chapter 35. 240 Farmers Celebrate Completing 2023 with SANGO-Kenya. More than twice as many as 2022!

Some of the SANGO-Kenya farmers proudly displaying their certificates

Some days are just pure joy.
Last week, we celebrated the 240 farmers who completed SANGO-Kenya’s 2023 program of sustainable agriculture, nutrition, and livelihoods training and implementation. It was a day filled with singing and dancing and listening to stories.

Everyone joined in the joyful dancing

The program began, of course, with the singing and dancing. It was such fun. We all joined in and had such a wonderful time.

The Farmers Inspire with their Stories

After the dancing stopped, we started the program. It is so moving, listening to the farmers describe what the program means to them. Below are just some excerpts:

“SANGO-Kenya has taught us how to make organic compost, how to space the plants…because of good work, we are all making progress.”

“I am so grateful to SANGO-Kenya. Because of the training we have received, we are able to do things by ourselves.”

Individual farmers spoke to the audience about what they have learned and how they had benefited from SANGO-Kenya

“We have learned so many things. Before SANGO-Kenya, we used to just eat fish [many farmers live by Lake Victoria]. Now we know we need vegetables, we don’t have a meal without them. We are stronger, healthier. We have also learned to make energy-saving cookstoves, saving us money. And the gutters capture so much more water.”

“Before, I didn’t know seeds can be stored. Now, I am storing seeds for vegetables, I don’t depend on the market. All the children eat more vegetables, they are stronger, fewer diseases, very healthy because their immune systems are stronger. And we don’t have to buy vegetables.”

Each farmer proudly showed her certificate to the audience. In Kenya, SANGO-Kenya is known as SANI-Kenya, as seen in the sign. SANI stands for Sustainability, Agriculture, Nutrition, and Initiatives, and means “Now” in Dholuo, the local language

At the end, each farmer received a certificate confirming their successful completion of the program. They are so proud — of the certificates and of their achievements.
We are too. It is such a privilege to join in this joyous celebration.

Erokamano! Asante! Thank you!
None of this would be possible without you and your support.

With much gratitude from Kenya:
The SANGO-Kenya farmers, their families — and Winnie, Evance, Peter, Junior Franck, Constance, and Kit

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