SANGO Diaries, Chapter 41. Mothers, Farmers – Empowered Women

Here in the U.S., we sometimes describe mothers as the chief executives of their households. For the mothers of SANGO-Kenya, they’re the chief executives — and most of the staff.

“The program has benefited me a lot. I now have varieties of vegetables for household consumption. Since I planted the varieties of vegetables, my family has never missed any meals in any given day.”

New Lead Farmer

The mothers of SANGO-Kenya – and sometimes grandmothers – are responsible for virtually everything and everyone in their household: cooking, cleaning, getting children dressed for school, taking care of the sick, paying school fees, buying uniforms, fetching water, raising food, buying food, selling things to make extra money – sometimes food, sometimes other items…the list is virtually endless.

Since I joined the program, I have never spent money for vegetables, rather I sell surplus to local customers and in one week I can get about ksh 1,000 [approximately 8 USD] from the sale of the four vegetables I planted.

New Farmer

Through SANGO-Kenya, they are becoming more and more empowered, as mothers, as women, as teachers, and as leaders in the community.

“The program has impacted my family’s health. As you can see, my family and I are healthy due to consumption of the indigenous vegetables we have grown. I thank the program for their good work”.

Experienced Farmer

SANGO-Kenya is changing the lives of the mothers and of their children. Mothers report their children are healthier and go to the hospital less often because they are eating more vegetables. They also are more confident about their ability to pay school fees and buy school uniforms because of the money they make from selling surplus crops.

They work hard so their children will have better lives.

They are outstanding mothers. Outstanding women.

And so inspiring.

Erokamano. Asante. Thank you. None of this would be possible without you.

The SANGO-Kenya farmers, their families — and Winnie, Evance, Peter, Franck, Connie, and Kit

Erokamano! Thank you! With much gratitude,

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